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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  September 29, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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bring arround any of that cloud cover up in the sierra but there is thick fog up there. it is stabilizing and we are in that transition time and we have thunder showers activity and the least side of us here, you can see the bigelows, -- big lows, it is turning and it is allowing high pressure to come in and we will not allow too much to get in. it is cool, book ends, fso hayward, calls towing 52 -- calistoga 52. and fog, sunnies, it is a cool chilly morning and we have higher and mid-level clouds which are gone, 70s coast and bay, here is sal. steve, good morning, we are looking at a commute, we are off to a decent start and just off the bat i want to mention i
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highway 37 is open between novato and it is all open now, but the weekend work is done. the traffic is moving well, the bay bridge westbound coming into san francisco with no major problems continuing to look good all the way through and if you are driving in oakland, both directions, 580 and also on 880 doing well. let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal topping our news, we led to some tense moments in one east bay neighborhood. the bomb squad was led to an area because of something that looked like a bomb at an apartment complex, alex? police say it was several road flares wrapped together with rifle shells and that's what caused so much probably -- so many problems here on this
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lawn where you can see a hole has been recently filled with dirt. this item was found nearby an apartment complex. it was left behind by a tenant who was evicted afew weeks ago. it is close to pittsburgh high school and the walnut creek bomb squad came in and they thought to be an -- it was thought to be an explosive device at that time. at thatat that point they detonated the suspicious item. fire in the hole... >> that was the scene as it was blown up on a nearby lawn. police now are searching for the man who used to live near
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that part. the landlord believes it was all a hoax because it did not have much if any explosive power and the situation in hand, people were forced to stay indoors and they are back in their homes and all of them are safe this morning. now in pittsburgh, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. an arson task force, they are now looking into the string of fires. it broke out in a 7 block radius in the course of just a few hours. garbage cans cars and in some cases nearby buildings were lit up on fire, many homes and businessswere destroyed. >> there is no such a thing to burp a house. >> alameda police arrested two
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people on suspicious of -- suspicious of -- suspicion of arson. he this now gathering evidence from the scene of all eight fires. and after two days of two suspicious fires in east oakland, a house, a warehouse and a pile of debris were set on fire early friday morning. so far no arrests and they have not said if the alameda fires are connected in oakland. they are hoping it will help them find answers into the deaths over the weekend. it happened on san pablo avenue yesterday morning, there are no visible signs of trauma but are calling his death suspicious. earlier he was in a fight with somebody at the gas station,
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anybody with information is asked to call police. labor talks resume between union leaders and the golden gate transit. contract dispute led to ferry captains forcing some riders to fine another way to get between there and marin county. they are disrupting bus service to mill valley san francisco. they are still apart on the main issues of salary and health benefits. and followed by some shuttle bus drivers, they are contracted and many say they are required to work split shifts. they accused one company, we drive you have not having drivers wait between morning and evening shifts. they are not paid for type
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inspecting vehicles, dab time inspect -- time to up expect vehicles. new this mourn, afghanistan has a new president. his inauguration comes after a dispute and in the end they agreed to a power sharing a agreement and the new president is expected to allow 10,000 american troops to stay in the country after the combat mission ends. reports of isis fighters are moving closer to the turban irk -- turkish border. that is not the video, that is house speaker john boehner but house strikes do not seem to be stopping or slowing their advance. house speaker john boehner criticized president barack obama because he doesn't plan
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to send in u.s. ground troops. now in an interview on 60 minutes, president barack obama said the situation calls for military and political solutions. they overrest mated their ability to fight the group. and ground troops going to the middle east conflict, it 2 active troops asked in your opinion do you think the military should send a substantial amount of troops, 40% responded no. and they say it triggered a crash and almost killed her two young sons. police say a man in a truck was robbed and shot. he was trying to get away when he lost control and crashed into a home a father and son
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said a woman came running out screaming for help. >> there was dust everywhere, she said, there is kids in the house, my kids are in the house. >> the women and the kids made it out safely. the truck drier who was shot is in recovery. they are still looking for the man who -- they have identified the man the -- the during was drown. she was microtripped and traced to a sacramento woman. the man was supposed to take the dog to an animal shelter. they found more than 100 fish, the fish will be studied
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to try to figure out what caused them to die. sexual assaults, the new law that will bring changes to college campuses here in california. more unrest over the shooting death of police, coming up, the attack of a police officer which is adding to the tension. good morning we are adding to am the commute, the high- rise is doing well we will tell you more about the morning commute. sierra nevada rain, it looks like things are moving out and we will show what you is in store over the next couple of days.
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. at the same time police continued to shoot an officers in the -- an officer in the
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arm. the man ran away and when the officer chased him the suspect opened fire. police say at the time of the shooting there were two protests taking place but police do not believe they are connected they have been taking place since the shooting of michael brown on august 9th. they are learning more about the federal money that will be used to help fight crime in oakland. oakland received a grant that will allow them to fire 15 more city police officers. this will provide the latest boost in their battle against violent crime. they are on tract since 1989. major major will -- mayor jean quan will reveal more about it in oakland today. a reward is being offered for a shooting that sent four people to the hospital. both shootings were reported on
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saturday. in one a 16-year-old was shot while riding in a car when they heard gunshots. he realized he had been shot in the leg. three men were at a party where the the intersection of dr. martin luther king, jr. way. a well-known shoplifter is under arrest. he was wanted in connection with stealing electronics from accordsco on three different -- costco on three different occasions. his ugg style boots linked him to the crime. anybody with information is leading to an arrest. he has a history of theft and drug related arrests. and a school that was shut down is expected to be back open in time for students this morning. the entire school was closed so
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it could be sprayed for other flees and insects. school leaders say it is likely other campuses could be facing the same problem. they are checking to see if other schools will need to be sprayed as well. classes once again are being held after it was shut down for several months. the san francisco exam they are reports -- exam examineer is replacing the decades old building. they were forced to take classes in conference rooms and trailers. we want to show you a you tube video which shows harrison bonds unveiling the new sleek jersey. they showed it off at twitter headquarters last night.
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only ten people were invited and the new uniform will make its debute when the team hosts the charlotte. >> i like it. the as are joining the -- a's are joining the giants in the san francisco mariners. they led to a complete shutout to a 4-0 win over the rangers and they are now in kansas city to play the royals in the american league wildcard race and they will lead on to the division series against the angels and they are heading into the wide card game, pam over them, the winner of that game moved on to face the
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washington nationals and it is a very tough team in the national division series. >> i am a big giants' fan as well. >> you can't -- i am getting there. >> you can't live here and not be a giants fan, they are easy to love. >> also the sports can give you an ulcer -- >> if you are a padres and if you can get an ulcer for that too. i am glad to say hi way 37 is open and i think people wanted to know if it was open and this is a look at 880 westbound and it looks good across the bay and in san leandro it is a -- san leandro it is a very nice drive.
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they already have a little bit of slowing in the pass heading west. get out there early if you can. let's go to steve. >> 49ers are giving you an ulcer. >> thank you, sir. >> what a weekend, friday, napa, fairfield, thunderstorm activity, very rare for us and it was lit up with reports of lightning and hail. it is still ask just up there and there goes the low. it is pretty impressive and once there is some bumping left behind, some low 50s and some thick fog out there.
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and water temperatures came down a tiny bit. now 65 and now 61, still warm, monterey 63 and last week they were 66 so they came down a bit. chuck e.same with fog, monterey both with 57 degrees low clouds are in place and they are not going anywhere until wednesday. the low is responsible for giving us a lot of that cloud cover and it is exit stage right and we start the beginning of a warming trend wednesday and an offshore breeze goes up as well and we are giving you a little bit of thursday into friday and the high and mid-level clouds are out of the picture and it is a soft 80s as we see. today and tomorrow look to be
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identical and high pressure builds in and thursday and friday look to be the hottest days and still warmer on sunday. some california water districts are looking into what we call the budget. it would set the daily water usage for each in their district. people using that would be charged extra. they are already working on water budgets and they will not likely make this a plan but they do set higher rates for people who use more water. the drought is making an impact on the crops. the water shortage has led to orange and pistachio and many plants have gone unplanted this year and could mean billions of dollars in losses this year for
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familiarers. i'm sorry, pam, george clooney is now -- clooney is now a married man. in a star studded ceremony, pam and i were not invited and celebrations continued on sunday and today a civil ceremony is taking place at the town hall. the two got engaged back in april. >> i can't believe we were not invited. i was busy anyway. >> family stuff? >> yes, right. employees are said to be behind all of this. >> but first a deadly bus crash, it has an entire college community in mourning.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. it is 4:53 jury selection is set to begin for the bombing suspect who is accused of lying to police. he is charged with making false statements when he was questioned three days after the bombings and after they released photos of dzhokhar tsarnaev and his brother in the attack. he lied about being in the dorm
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room while they removed things containing evidence. 'oklahoma man accused of be heading a man is scheduled to face a judge today. he is expected to appear in court in oklahoma city suburb to face several charges including murder. he is accused of attacking two women and be heading one of them at a food distribution center. a company executive ended the attack by shooting him. >> you can tell he was different from everyone else, but as far as violence, we never saw it coming. investigators say he had a facebook arrange supported islamic militants. he has previous charges for drug offenses. and they will update a
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freeway crash that killed four went from a team. a big-rig driver said he was distracted when he veered across the median and hit the bus carrying the team. his statement was vague and did little to solve the mystery surrounding the deadly accident. the patient was volunteering at an ebola virus treatment center in sierra leonia. he or she has not been infected with the virus and was admitted to the hospital as a precaution. they have treated four others who were infected with the deadly virus. three of them have recovered and one remains hospitalized. there are new recommendations for birth control for teenage girls.
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teen girls should use i uds and girls don't have to remember to use them daily and "i" uds are more expensive because it requires implanting them but over the long run they are cheaper than condemns and birth control pills. governor jerry brown has signed a bill to give the hospital $3 million and without that money they would have shut down as early as next month. doctor's medical center has had ongoing medical problems. -- money problems. this should act as a safety net for contra costa county. and it was a first whip for the 4 thers -- 49ers at levi stadium. >> this is ridiculous. i have been here for an hour and a half. >> yep, more problems trying to
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get out fans trying to leave the stadium and the tweets they are promising to make. a suspected drunk driver plowed into their backyard, the reason it could have been much worse. we are looking at a commute where traffic is doing well coming up onto the willow pass grade we will tell you more when we come back. tops i to your have i weather, the system responsible is moving out, we'll see how fog affects our temperatures today.
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. a close call for one family, the terrifying incident that happened while they were asleep. and they are hoping to curb sexual assaults on college campuses. >> this is ridiculous, i have been here for an hour and a half. hour an a half. happy fans quickly turn angry, it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> fire in the hole, fire in the hole! fire in the hole! >> boy, that was a scary situation in pittsburgh, it prompted a response from the bomb squad, that item was blown up but as you can see that investigation is far from over and we will tell you who they are looking for in connection with this bomb scare, it is september 29th, i am pam cook. >> and dave clark. >> the clouds came back and the low responsible for it is moving out and we have high and mid-level cl


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